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I recently purchased a German 31-day wall clock at a craft show. The chime on the clock sounds like a tin can.  What can I do?

Hi Janice,
Does the clock say "Korea" anywhere on it?
First off I would like to know if we are talking about a chime or a strike. Chimes play musical songs every quarter hour. Strike occurs at the top of the hour and usually once on the half hour. Please let me know if your clock is a chime or strike type.
The sound of the chime or strike that a clock makes depends on many factors. Like a musical instrument the sound is produced by vibrations. The vibrations are amplified and the tone is shaped by the structure of the piece.
Obviously you can't change the clock case to alter the sound.
The two things you should be able to do to improve the sound is to replace the gong or chime rod. You also could replace the hammer that strikes it.  

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