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Hi. For the past 10 years, I've had a silver Gucci 5500 M watch. I've replaced the battery twice, once 6 years ago, and the last time being last week. At 7:10 this morning, the constantly turning little hand got stuck on the five, and even thogh it looks like it's trying to move, it won't.
I have dream that a Gucci salesman will replace it for me for free, while scowling and exclaming, "Gucci watches NEVER stop working! It NEVER happened! Not a word of this to ANYONE!" But it's just a dream.
Now what should I do?


haha.  It is good that you can still joke about it.

When you changed the battery, did you take the whole movement out of the case?

If the hand is stuck on the dial, you have to straighten out the hand you you will
be ok.

If that is not the issue, a gear may have a piece of dust in it that is stopping the hand.
In that case, you have to remove it. PROCEED SLOWLY.

Check in this order.

Let me know if you need addtional help.

Kind regards


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