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QUESTION: My wife and I were given a James Huntington quartz wall clock as an anniversary present in 1991/92.
The clock works but the pendulum does not.
The information I can find to identify it is as follows.
On the front face it says "Standard Time".
On the mechanism it says "...CHIGI TOKE ...LTD and NO (0) Jewels"
Is there anything I can do to fix the pendulum. The clock has been in storage for about six months and it has 2 new batteries installed.
Regards Len Owen

ANSWER: I'm familiar with Tochigi movements but am not sure exactly what you have there. Does it chime?
The fact that the clock uses two batteries makes me think you may have two separate units: the time movement and a separate drive case that the movement is inside. Can you send me a photo?
If it is all one unit I can help you match up a replacement from another manufacturer. I will need to know:
How thick is the clock material that the hand shaft goes through?
How long is your minute hand from the hole to the tip?
Is that minute hand held on with a small nut?
You can take a look at my web pages to help you gather information:

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QUESTION: Hi Michael;
Sorry it took so long to get back to you but we have been away from home.
I have taken a few photos of the clock which may help you to identify the mechanism. The clock does not chime.

Len Owen.

Your clock actually has two movements: One to keep the hands moving (time) and one to swing the pendulum. Your time movement is inside the pendulum drive unit. We sell the pendulum drive unit here:

That should be all you need to repair your clock.
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