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When I was a teenager I was given an old 15 jewel pocketwatch as a Christmas gift. I tucked it away in my keepsakes for over 40 years and I am just now wondering a bit about it. It is from the Illinois Watch Company with the serial #2238771. I have looked up the serial # and see that it was probably made in 1910. The inner cover says Windsor guaranteed 20 years B.W.C.CO with a serial # of 8443287. Can you tell me a little more on this pocketwatch? Is Windsor the particular model of the watch, or is it the case style, or? This watch was definitely used everyday by the original owner and is in fair (not good)condition on the outside. The movement is in perfect condition and still works great. How much is a watch like this worth? I was thinking possibly $150 since the outside of it is well worn, back cover has rubbed through plating. In 1910, did they plate these pocketwatches in gold?


Illinois Watch Co. made excellent quality watches.

What a great present (of course that is coming from a watchmaker, LOL).

The case and the movement may have been purchased separately and put together by
the watchmaker.  That was the only way to buy watches at one time.

Anything written on the case would pertain to the case only.

Guaranteed 20 years means that this case is gold filled, and guaranteed not to wear through to the base metal for 20 years.

To know the likely value, do some research on what similar watches are selling for on ebay.  That is an international marketplace and the sales are truly the market value.

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