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E. Schmeckenbecher
E. Schmeckenbecher  

Clock Inside
Clock Inside  
Hi, Many years ago I received the above mentioned clock from an elderly German neighbor that had an antique shop. It is in beautiful condition, the bird still chirps and moves and the clock chimes. The only problem is when I move the gear in the back to start it (after I wound it), it only moves for about 30 seconds and then stops. I'm guessing it is dusty or dirty. Is this something worth repairing and about should I anticipate for repair costs          . Also, if I choose to sell it, what would be a fair offer.
Thanks for your help! :-D

That's a real cuter you have there.  I concur in your suspicion that it might need cleaning.  Frankly, I would not hesitate one moments in having it done by a qualified professional.  I am sorry but I cannot make a value judgement without actually inspecting the clock.  Suffice it to say, I would be pleased to have it in my collection.  Regards WJP

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