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I buy gold/silver to melt and have come across an antique watch that I'm curious about. I've read some answers on here know now that the insides are swiss, but the inside of the case the back has an S over an M, 14KT stamped but it has all kinds of numbers scratched all around inside it? in different hand writing and sizes? It has Beaux Arts W. CB. inside over 3 ADJ 15 jewels swiss. AR FS also on the watch itself. It's obviously really old but I'm curious about all the writing inside of it?


the hand etched numbers are from watchmakers who have repaired the watch.  The practice was to use shorthand to etch notes into the case so the watchmaker would know what he had done the last time the watch was brought into his shop.

Unfortunately, there was no standard shorthand.  Every watchmaker used his own symbols so
only that watchmaker could read it.

3 ADJ means the watch was adjusted for accuracy in 3 positions.  With the dial facing up, down, and in a position as if one were holding it in one's hand looking at the time.

AR/FS is on a device called a regulator and the lever was uses to make the watch go slower (AR) or faster (FS).

I hope that was some help.

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