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I have a Howard Miller Regulator wall clock, movement 341-020.  It keeps time and chimes, but the chime strikes about 4-5 minutes after the minute hand crosses the correct time (i.e., it chimes the quarter hour when the minute hand is at 19 past the hour).

It looks like I can move the minute hand if I loosen the nut and manually move it, but I would have to move it much more than 4 or 5 minutes.  Is there a way to move the minute hand in a small increment, or adjust when the chime strikes?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Your problem is a simple one to correct.  In order to do so you will have to remove the minute hand from it's shaft.  First stop the clock.  Then, in your case you simply remove the hand nut, (the hand nut is the circular brass nut that is screwed onto the minute hand shaft.).  With the hand nut removed the minute hand simply pulls off the shaft.  Once you have the hand off its shaft, turn it over and examine it.  You will find that the square hole in the hand is actually, a pressed on brass bushing.  To solve your problem you will need to give that bushing a slight turn.  An admirable tool for this purpose is the tan of a file.  Simply insert the tang into the hole and give it a bit of a twist.  A bit of trial and error will position the hand on the shaft at the precise position required.  This accomplished secure the hand to its shaft, start and reset the clock and you are done.  Couldn't have done it better myself.  Regards WJP

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