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Collage of my clock
Collage of my clock  
QUESTION: I have allways wanted a clock that really makes a real authentic ticking sound!  So I finally found one and got it fixed at the clock shop last month.  I really enjoy the chimes but my roommate does not soo I constantly turned them on and off.  Then I got lazy and I started sticking my hand down by the pendulum up to it which probably wasn't a good idea but their were no parts I feel I could have messed with and their is no evidence on the back.  Also you can see their is no parts under the sound blocker thingy. Anyway now even when it should be chiming instead it makes a louder tick and does nothing this has been going on for a few weeks.  Her is its info.

Name on front: verichrom
Chimes: Westminster on quarter half and hour
Key holes: 3
On the back : tag with instructions and inspected by sticker from harris and mallow products
On gear box :
Franz hermil
no (0) jewels

Also it feels like the higher to key holes are stuck but i suppose that because the chimes aren't working and their unwinding.   So what are some possible problems?  Can you give me an estimate for a repair? Is their an obvious fix I should tell the clock people?  And fourthly since I assume your abit apart of the community of clock workers would you suggest any specific clock shops in washing state (hopefully near to puyallup we are traveling to Leavenworth later so we could make a pit stop)?  Thankyou for considering my delima.

ANSWER: you need to wind all three to make it work--not sure which way they wind - try both directions

you got it fixed at the clock shop - bring it back to them-- probably a very simple no-charge fix I would think..

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It does not appear to be able to wind clockwise nor counter clockwise.  Also the clock shop is sadly in a different state

refer the photo of the rear of your clock.

either of theose two large gears should be able to be turned just a bit one way or the other and then when you let go they should rotate back to where they were originally. do they?
Are the hammers all in a nice row and not caught on each other or the chime rods?

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