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I have an E.Schmeckenbergher cuckoo clock that i have played with for a couple of months i have it working sorta... it has a music box type chime that is also chain and weight driven the door is stuck open in front im missing the weight have tried swapping weights around cant get this tp work... sure would be neat to get this clock working completely can you tell me what to check or do to try to get it functioning thank you much, rob roehm phone  

Hi Robert,

A Schmeckenbecher cuckoo clock is an older clock. The music movement is usually attached to the left side of the movement.

Cuckoo clocks wear out. I just rebuilt a Scmeckenbecher movement because I couldn't replace the movement. It had a dancing platform and music on the left side.  It needed bellow tops, a pendulum, the clock movement and the music movement had to be rebuilt. The bill was $345. That is a lot cheaper than most charge here on Long Island.

There are weights available for you to buy to see if the clock keeps playing music.
The bird not going in, therefore the door not closing, may be because of the wire on the bellow top is ~over~ the birds tail rather than ~under~ the birds tail. Check that out first.

Clocks have different weight requirements. Perhaps the weights you have are not heavy enough for the weights the movement requires.

The lightest weights I've seen are 240 grams. The heaviest on 1 day ~newer~ movements are 420 grams. Pre 1950 weights are heavier for the one day clock movements.

Most of the Schmeckenbecher clocks I see now need a complete overhaul. I don't think you have an easy repair. Sorry.....unless this clock was not used for most of it's existence and only sat on the wall for looks.   

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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