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My Howard miller Grandfather clock runs to fast, I've lowered the the pendalum as far as it will go and it still goes to fast. I've even added weights to the pendulam and it doesn't slow it down. So I don't what else to try.

Hi Carl,

Offhand I can think of only one other reason a clock would run fast with the pendulum all the way down. The sign of this would be that the pendulum does not have a decent swing back and forth. This would cause the clock to run too fast. To remedy this you need to lower the bridge that holds the verge so that it sits closer to the escapement wheel.

I am posting a video that will show you the parts I'm talking about. The place where he is putting the suspension spring is the verge bridge. Those two screws on the side of the suspension spring post need to be loosened and moved down a bit. If you move it too close the escapement wheel will not be able to let it's teeth loose to move back are forth properly. If it's too far away the verge will not have enough push to move back and forth properly.

Sounds like you need to move it a bit closer to the escapement wheel. Take the pendulum off before you do this.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady.  

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