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Hello there! My grandfather build this clock and when I moved into my first apartment, I loved it so much, that he gave it to me. Well during the drive to my apartment, some of the chains fell off. We took the weights off to help. Here's my problem. He left before telling me how to put the chains back on and I also don't know where the weights go. I've been doing some research and I cannot figure out where the last chain goes. There are 3 currently on the clock, and the last one is in my hand. I noticed that the heaviest weight goes on the right side while facing the clock, but where does the 4th chain go? Also, the clock does chime well and I can hear an even tick; however, the pendulum stops swinging after 4-5 minutes. I would assume it stops because of gravity which means the weights aren't affecting it. How can I solve this? I've only been fiddling with this clock for 2 days now and this is my first time coming into contact with one on a mechanical level. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

I must admit, I am confused.  I have never seen nor heard of a four chain Hermle 451-050 movement.  They are definitely ALL 3 chain, 3 weight driven clocks.  What you most likely have is one or more broken chains.  As far as weight positioning is concerned, the heaviest weight does hang on the right, as you face the clock.  The other two weights are nearly the same, so it makes no difference at which of the two remaining chains they hang upon.  From your description the center weight is not delivering power to the time train.  This could be due to a twisted chain, or a chain that is somehow hung up.  Examine the center chain and associated gears very carefully.  Also try adding a bit more weight to the center chain.  This interests me, please keep me posted.  Regards WJP

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