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Hermle Clock  
Dear Marilyn. I hav just purchased an old clock at an auction. It is a Hermle 65. FHS. 341-020. Case No: 1354/1  As a layman it looks in good condition, but ...... It is not running. i'm scared to experiment. How should you start this clock (assuming its not broken) it is missing a chime bar (The 1 closest to the door) Can this be replaced?? if it needed a service, is there anything I can do myself ?? (Oilling, cleaning etc) Any advice would be welcome.Many Tks. Julian. Johannesburg

Hi Julian,

Nice clock. Thanks for the photo. I'm assuming it has a pendulum. Pendulum clocks need to be sitting level for them to continue to keep ticking. Sometimes if the clock is moved with the pendulum on it the clock can become "out of beat." That means that it has to sit crooked to work.

Don't be afraid of any clock. Just don't break anything.

Is the clock wound up? Start there first...

If you start the clock the sound should be tick...tock...tick...tock...  even... not a hiccup or a horse galloping. If it sounds like this then you can slightly lift one side of the clock to see if the sound gets better or worse. If worse then lift the other side.If it sounds better slightly lifted you can put a few coins under that side.

If that number 65 is above the 341-020 that may be the year the clock was manufactured. That's an old clock. It very well could be worn out and may need work or a new movement.

Is there a clock repair shop near you? Why don't you take it in and get a free estimate on oiling and setting the clock in beat. The repair person may give you more information on your clock. Find out what you can and let me know. We can go from there. If it's not too expensive you may just want him/her to do the job. If the clock is worn out and it is suggested you need major work you may be able to buy your own movement and put it in. Just let me know first and I can help you with that. Depending on the movement that is in there you may want to consider which is better, overhaul or replace the movement. I'd like to see the movement before we decide anything.

The chime rod may be available or you may need to buy an entire assembly. has clock parts.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady  

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