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QUESTION: Hello Michael,

     Schatz Royal Mariner 8 Bell Ships Clock

I need help with this clock movement. All works well but the bell sequence does not strike the "one" bell on the half hour.
This movement has only one hammer. Before I took out the movement to clean up the brass case, I'm sure I heard it strike the one bell on the half hour. Perhaps I have done something to the linkages to cause this but I cannot see anything wrong.
I have looked on the Internet for advise on this clock but I can only find information on the two hammer movement.



ANSWER: A ships clock should strike an odd number on the half hour. Here is the sequence:
12:30  1 bell
1:00   2 bells
1:30   3 bells
2:00   4 bells
2:30   5 bells
3:00   6 bells
3:30   7 bells
4:00   8 bells
Then the sequence starts over again. There are a few different designs for getting the movement to strike the odd number on the half. I don't know what movement you have.
Is it striking at all on the half?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your reply.

In answer to question, the bells are in this sequence:-

  12:30  2 bells
   1:00  2 bells
   1.30  4 bells
   2:00  4 bells
   2:30  6 bells
   3:00  6 bells
   3:30  8 bells
   4:00  8 bells

There is a lot going on with the linkages when the bell strikes but I cannot work out what is out of adjustment.



It sounds like the design of your clock should drop down a lever or arm to "grab" the last hammer strike on the half hour. If I could see a photo of the front of the movement I think I can explain it to you. Otherwise: on the half hour,  watch the rack as the clock strikes. A rotating pin will lift one tooth for each pair of bell strikes. When the rack is lifted out of the way I believe a lever should drop down and grab the last hammer to keep the odd count on the half hour. It can most likely be repaired by adjusting that part of the strike side.  

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