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I have recently acquired a Trend Grandfather clock. Without pointing any fingers at any of my children :) , I found that the pendulum was pulled off the movement. The part that connected the pendulum to the movement was broken. Any clue where to look up the part # or obtain the part? Thanks
style No. 826wm-674
movement #96-A


Hi Braedy,

It wasn't the kids, it was the cat.

These clocks have what's called a suspension spring that holds the pendulum leader to the top piece of the clock. The pendulum attaches on the pendulum leader.

You can find this piece either in the original papers of the clock or on line.
If you can find both pieces, it may be in the bottom of the clock with all that dust :>). Match them up to see how long the spring pieces are.

Here are a few examples from

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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