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I have a Shreve Crump & lowe Waltham Watch Serial # 5274128, 14K Gold Filled, it also says 16 m.v. (16 jewels).  Can you help me place the date of manufacture?  Probably purchased in Boston MA.  It has a beautiful "bronze" looking chain and a ? hook that looks like a lyre.

The serial number you give does not match up to the description of the watch.  One of the two is wrong.  I suspect the serial number is wrong.  The serial number of any Waltham watch is ALWAYS stamped upon the back plate of the movement.  To find this number open the back of the watch case so that the actual back of the watch is exposed to view.  Copy down and send me all the information stamped upon the movements back plate.  Not the watch case.  These are two separate and distinct numbers.  Better yet if you could send me a picture of the watch, with back removed, I am sure and can provide the information you seek.  Regards WJP.
P.S.  I also suspect the Shreve Crump & Lowe connotation refers to the case maker rather than the watchmaker.

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