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I transported a Colonial wall clock that could be about 40 years old (bearing a label of Zeeland, MI) from the state of MA to NJ.  When I rehung the clock the Westminster chime does not chime.  Only one weight is dropping of three weights.  Is there a way for me to engage the chimes?  I am mechanically inclined but but by the same token I do not want to do any damage.  Thanks.

The two weights that aren't movement are for the chime and the strike. If you can get the chime to start working the strike will most likely start working without any effort from you.
First of all, be sure that the heaviest weight is on the right side. That is the chime side of the movement and it takes the most power to run.
If that does not correct the problem it is impossible to diagnose the clock without being there.
Here is one thing you can try: Locate the hammers that play the chime melody, they will be on the same side of the movement that you have the heaviest weight on. Lift the hammers back and away from the chime rods. Sometimes this is enough help to get the gears spinning again.  

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