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This past weekend when my wife attempted to wind our Kassel Grandfather 31 day Clock CHEF00) the cover on the spring container had evidently unlocked and the spring unwound and would not wind back up. I was successful in getting the spring back in the container and cover locked in place, Now the chime winds up but the clock doesn't chime. It did go thru the chime cycle once while I had it out in my hands..It keeps good time but no chimes..Any suggestions, help, ao where can I get printed instructions for repairs...Thanks in advance. PS I am an experienced electronic tech and automotive tech which helps,,and I dismanteled my first clock at age 10

Hi Bobby,

I don't even take apart 31 day clocks. Those mainsprings are so powerful it is scary. I hope you wife is okay. If a spring lets loose it could really hurt her fingers.

I'm not sure about this cover that you are talking about. Newer 31 day clocks have mainspring barrel kinda things...perhaps they are the cover you are talking about. They are there to keep the mainspring contained if you want to take the mainsprings out of the movement without a clamp.

Listen, I don't do 31 day springs for a reason. When reassembling them the pivots bend. Then I need to disassemble once again the movement.

Another area of concern in any spring driven clock is the "click work" that holds the mainspring from unwinding. If this is compromised because of a broken click or click spring then you have to deal with that. You may need to take the old click out and rivet a new one in. If the click spring is broken you will have to replace that.

BUT...before you even take anything apart you need to let down the mainsprings. Do not take any plates apart before  you let down the mainsprings. That's another can look that up on line. "How to let down a mainspring." You tube may have a  video on it.

I would consult with a professional or see if you can get a new movement. 31 day clocks have powerful main springs that make me take a step back and say "no." The  only ones I would even consider are ones that have a mainspring barrel to contain the spring. These usually have a separate place to take out the mainsprings without taking the whole movement apart. I think these were manufactured about 1990 or so....

Please approach a powerful mainspring with care. Those teeth can cut through your skin like a circular saw. I have the scars to prove it :>)

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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