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QUESTION: I purchased an Ethan Allen grandmother clock/Tempus Fugit in 1974. It is model 08-3804, Movement E, Serial No. 344. I did not receive a manual with this purchase. It has been running slow & stopping alot even though I have not moved it. Can you please tell me what could be the problem? Thank you for any help you can give me.

ANSWER: Hi Charlene,

If you grandmother clock has been running all these years your stopping problems could be because the movements wear out after a while. Your clock is 40 years old. If you have never done any repair on this clock the chances of the clock being worn out is great. You will either need a new movement or to rebuild this one. In my neck of the woods that would start at 500.00.

If the clock is running...but running slow, there is an adjustment at the end of the pendulum bob. Just underneath the brass bob for the pendulum is a setting nut. Turning it to the right makes the clock go faster. Turning it to the left makes the clock go slower. Usually it's about 1 full turn for every minute in a 24 hour period.

Here is an owners manual. Look at figure 17 for the position of the adjusting nut.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: From the manual your were so kind to send, I read that the mainspring may need to be oiled. Do you have a diagram of where to oil the clock? Should oil be placed on other areas of movement? I understand that this oil must be clock oil & not just any oil. Thank you.

Most "floor" clocks have weights that power the movement, not springs.

There is always a source of power for clocks. Electric, weights, mainsprings, batteries. How do you wind your clock? Do you pull up the weights or wind a spring.....OR wind up the weights with a key? ;>).

If yours is spring wound that could make the clock run slow at the end of the week. A spring driven clock has it's most power for the first 5 days...after that it naturally slows down.

Oiling a clock can be done with Mobil One fully synthetic oil. Only a drop is needed for all pivot holes. You may need to take the dial off to get to the front of the clock. But I need to warn you that oiling a dirty clock will make it wear faster. Oiling a clock that is almost 40 years old can only help. But sometimes the only thing keeping the clock going is the dirt.

You should look up "how to oil a clock" on youtube. That will give you a visual that I can not give you with words. Maybe one day I'll get a video recorder and have some videos  to show.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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