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QUESTION: I have bought a used grandfather clock and can't get it to run. So far I have checked to make sure weights are correct and pendulum is hung correct and clock is level but there is no tick-tock and it won't run. Can you tell me what to do next?

ANSWER: It's very difficult to diagnose from here. I would take the pendulum off and move the pendulum hanger left to right to see if you get a tick. If you do then the clock is out of beat. If you don't get a tick. Move the minute hand forward to the next quarter and see if you get a chime out of it. Keep advancing 1/4 hour at a time until you get to the top of the hour. You should get a chime and strike at the top. Then check for a tick again.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I have the clock running now but the melody chime side is not operating correctly. The hammers come back and go up but they are not hitting the bars.I have already checked the distance from the bars and it is 1/4 inch. What else do I need to do.

Try bending the brass wire that the hammer is on so that the hammer is closer to the rod (maybe 1/8"). The whole idea is so that the hammer hits the rod one time then rests far enough away to let the rod ring clearly.
If you can't get the hammer to strike properly the hammers may not be lifting far enough. Let me know if you can't correct it in the way I described above.  

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