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We have a Barwick grandfather clock (Howard Miller). It is 39 years old and has quit chiming. It will chime for awhile and then stalls, usually before it chimes 12 o'clock. We have been given the options of a new mechanism (over $1000) or a used one ($100). Do you have any thoughts as to repairing ($500), or which replacement movement to buy? UW3/18A (now 03102?) Thank you.

Hi William,

Who would be putting this movement in the case?
Who is doing the repair?
Where did this used movement come from? Used movements can be as worn out as the one you are replacing.

Unless you know that the "used" movement is in excellent condition you may wind up with the same issues as you have now.

This is a 5 tube movement. Usually the cost of an overhaul on any "tube" movement is close to $1,000. So my question is who is doing the repair and what does this repair involve? Are they going to take the plates apart and put bushings in the worn pivot holes? After 39 years of working I'm sure there are a few worn pivot holes.

I just looked at the cost of this movement from my distributor. $930 plus shipping. This is not a cheap movement.

If a qualified repairman is going to take the clock apart and put in bushings for $500 I would consider this a good option. Sometimes the old movements are better quality than the new replacement movements. I just don't know many repair people who would take a clock apart and do a complete overhaul for $500 on a tube movement. Check this out.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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