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Hello Ms. Bellotti,

I took your advice and purchased a new movement (Hemle 350-060)for my Seth Thomas.  The hammers are resting on the chime rods now.  How do I adjust the hammers so that they are away?  And what is the correct offset so they chime evenly?  If you say to bend them, is there a good method to keep them even?  Thank you for your reply and for the previous assistance.

Hi Matt.

Congratulations on your purchase and set up. I hope you didn't have too much trouble aligning the winding arbor in their holes.

Yes, you need to bend the hammers either forward or backward to make a nice sound. Too close and you hear thud, too far away and you can't hear the tone. I just move them a bit so the sound is nice. I don't have any method but my method of madness,,,,hit or miss.

Some movements have rounded hammers. These are easier to bend than the others that have like thin flat hammers.

In this photo they are round. You can bend them either at the hammer tip or at the elbow. I would go for the elbow first. If that doesn't work well then I would go for the hammer tip.

Next you may have to adjust the bushing in the minute hand so it chimes exactly on the quarter and not before or after the quarter.

Good luck.
The Clocklady

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