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We have a clock (purchased originally by my late mother-in-law) which contains a Franz Hermie 130-070 movement. It is of the type with a vertically pivoted balance wheel with a spiral spring on the upper spindle.
The adjustment for timing appears to be a ring on top of the balance wheel with 2 weights below which as it is moved anti-clockwise (viewed from the top) the weights are moved inwards, thus speeding up the clock.
The problem is that the clock is running slow and the adjustment ring appears to be at the extreme anti-clockwise position (ie the weights are up against the 2 spokes of the balance wheel)
Suggestions as to how the clock can be adjusted to run faster would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


Chris, the Hermle movement you have has what is called the floating balance regulator.  You are correct in that moving the pointers on the wheel in an anti-clockwise rotation speeds up the clock.  This is an adjustment that can be made by the clock owner.  Further service has to be done by a clockmaker that is experienced in working on this type of regulator.  The first thing I do is to clean it.  I remove it and dip it in denatured alcohol or a commercial product called "One-Dip".  Then I gently blow dry it and have to be certain all liquid and contaminates have been removed from the vertical tube.  This tube has a jewel in each end which rotates on a wire.  When there is debris in the jewels it will affect the timekeeping.  However, this usually speeds up the clock.  There are other factors that cause regulation.  After I have exhausted the cleaning and adjustment, I will remove or install the small plugs in the balance wheel rim.  This takes special tools, experience and a protected work surface, as the plugs are miniscule and can be easily lost.  Sorry I cannot help you more, but that's about all I can offer.

John Newman
Old Prattvillage
Prattville, Alabama

Chris, I neglected one important item.  When I work on one of these movements I do service the regulator.  However, I also do the standard service to the complete movement.  The movement should be in good working condition as far as being clean, having the proper adjustments and lubrication.  Sometimes gummy grease in the mainspring barrels will affect the timing and it is usually erratic.

John Newman  

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