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I have a large Howard Miller wall clock in my office. The movement was no longer strong enough to raise the 12.5 inch minute hand from the 6 O'clock position to the 12 O'clock position. I ordered a new movement from a local dealer at the cost of $45.00. This was supposed to be a "high Torque" motor. I installed it, perhaps not correctly ?, the movement runs fine IF it doesn't have to lift the minute hand from the 6-12 position. Is there a more powerful movement I can buy so I can get my clock back up on the wall? The part that I purchased and the one that was in the clock before was #12888. Is this correct? and if so did I do something to make it unable to work properly. Incidentally, I received no instructions with the movement from the dealer. Just the movement in the box with a few nuts. Can you help? I also need to order a new movement that works.
Marshall T. Lysne D.C.

Hi Marshall,
You should contact the person you bought the movement from and inform him/her that the part isn't working.  Sometimes I get movements that don't work properly. They may replace it for you with another movement.

You may want a stronger movement with a C cell in it rather than a mini movement with a AA cell in it.

You will need to find out what hand shaft length you need. The thickness of the dial.
If you can take out the one movement and measure the threaded piece that goes through the dial. Too long and the hands will hit the glass. Too short and it will not go through the dial.

This is a sweep second hand movement. I prefer these since they don't tick. I don't like the tick...tick...tick of a quartz movement. I like a tick..tock from a mechanical clock but not the tick, tick from quartz.

Here is a stepping second hand. This one ticks.

On your current movement you should check that the hands are not hitting each other, the glass or dragging on the dial. Also check that you have a battery that has 1.5 volts. A weak battery may not carry the hands. I have found that many batteries are weak when they come to my shop and need replacement.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady  

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