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I have a Howard Miller model 622-238 with a Franz Hermie movement 141-030K1. It is key wound with a pendulum. It has chime that rings in sync with the hour. i.e. at 10 it rings 10 times and once on the half hour. It was moved and when restarted it is now out of sync. It is one hour behind. How do I get it back in sync with the time so that it rings the correct number of times with the hour?

Hi Bill,

Ahhh, finally an easy fix. Some of these questions are harder than others to explain.

-Count the number of times the clock strikes.
-Then move ONLY THE HOUR HAND to that number. Leave that minute hand alone.
-After you move the hour hand to the correct number the clock is striking, push it back a bit toward the dial. The hand is pressure fitted on the tube. Snugging it up a bit helps it not get loose and move again. Make sure it's not rubbing along the dial or hitting the minute hand.

-Now set the clock to the correct time using the minute hand. It's okay if you move the minute hand backwards on this movement.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady  

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