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QUESTION: My sister in-law has a Tempus Fugit grandfather clock and would like the chimes off. It's a No.2404# with the movement No.1 and has a work and sinke springe. Inside the panel I can see two rods on the left side but, stump on how to disable the chimes.

Thank you for any help.


ANSWER: Do you wind this clock with a key? Does it have weights?

If it doesn't have weights you can just stop winding the right spring.

If it has weights there may be a lever inside the clock that you can push up. That will stop the chime.

I don't have enough information to help you. A photo would help.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes, you wind it up with a key and no weights. Facing the clock, there are two holes, left side is sinke spring and right side is work spring. I know the work spring is for the time. So, I'm guessing the sinke one is the chime?


Hi Rick,
I don't know what "sinke" spring means. Both springs should wind and move the gears on each side. One side is the time the other side is the strike.
If you don't wind the one side, the chimes will not play.
If you have other  problems because you don't wind the clock then you can tie back the hammers so they don't hit the chime rods.
You can also move the hammers away from the chime rods so the clock chimes softer if she wants the clock to strike but it's too loud.

You may be able to go on youtube and find something that shows you how to adjust the hammers for the strike. You may need to remove the hands and the dial to see the hammers.

Hope the helps,

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