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Hi John, I am looking for the part of our old marble mantle clock the part I need is wound metal that hooks onto to a part of the clock that keeps it wound, the peice that hooks onto is worn and it will not stay. I have never heard what this clock sounds like? Do they chime?
Also I have a Kitcat clock that the eyes and tail do not move, can I get a replacement part as I troubleshooted everything.
Also I found a Barr clock dial peice with the glass missing and a second or hour hand and maybe other part, is this worth fixing? also could it came off a pendulum type clock as we have several brass statues of "Greek or Roman goddess" that look like many of the old Pendelum clocks i have seen online.
We bought a old 250 year old farm home which the owner used to buy out contents of homes over 50 years ago, but sadly many of the beautifal antiques were not wrapped and packed well so there are lots of pieces missing or maybe in boxes I have not gone thru yet, old beautifal Pink gold trimmed Porclean mantal clock with dial and inside empty. I would fix this but would have to have it built and is it worth it? I love anything old but especially old clocks that chime or make sounds. My only working clock is my Cuckuu from Germany.. Thank you, Cathy

Cathy, I'll try to answer these questions on each clock, one at a time.

Marble Mantel Clock:  I'm not quite sure of which part you are referring.  From your description it has to do with the mainspring.  (1) The ratchet click can fail, and it will not hold the wind.  (2) The mainspring can be damaged on the inside or outside end.  (3) The winding arbor (The shaft that you wind) can have a broken tab, allowing the mainspring to slip.  (4) Or, if the mainspring is in a barrel, the hook on the barrel can be broken, allowing the mainspring to slip.  Unfortunately, this is an antique clock, and parts are no longer made for them.  The parts can be made/repaired by an experienced clockmaker or found from old clocks.  Also, I usually would not supply most clock parts to people that are not experienced in clockmaking, particularly having to do with mainsprings, as they have a lot of built up power, and if disassembled incorrectly, can result in damage the clock or personal injury.

Kit-Kat Clock:  Is this an electric or battery powered model?  I am working on one right now that is battery powered.  These clocks are made so the original movement is glued to the case and has to be cut out.  The company associated with this clock has no motor replacement parts.  So I am redesigning a movement right now which I will install for a customer.  This particular clock is a 75th anniversary model that the customer wants restored.  The restoration costs a little more than just replacing a stock movement.

Barr Clock:  I don't know the exact configuration of the parts you need for the clock.  Again, probably being an "antique", we usually have to have the clock in hand to research and look for parts.  When we are asked, "Is this clock worth fixing?", our answer is usually, "We can tell you how much it will cost to have it fixed and you can decide if it is worth fixing."  As with many of the clocks we work on, the repair or restoration cost is more than the clock is worth, or I should say, or could be sold for.  These clocks have much sentimental value and are priceless to the customers.

Porcelain Clock:  If it is genuine porcelain, it possibly would be worth fixing.  We can obtain old replacement movements, dials and gongs for these clocks.

Cuckoo Clock:  Interesting that it is the only one running.  Cuckoos are rather temperamental and we sometimes have problems getting them to run.   

It would be best if you could send me some clear photos of these clocks (my shop email address is below).  I can better advise you on these questions.  Also, as you keep going through the unopened boxes, you might find some parts that go with these clocks.  Sounds like you are on an interesting treasure hunt.  When you contact me, let me know in what area you live.  I might know of an experienced clockmaker near you.

John Newman
Old Prattvillage
Prattville, Alabama

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