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Clocks, Watches/TEMPUS DīLAGAM mantle clock and i cant read the othr one i was curios what era are they from and..


Vanessa wrote at 2014-01-07 11:16:12
oops i wrote some questions i just copyed it and i will paste it in the proper areabut id like to say than you soo much for your answers it has really made my day!! i found the answer on google when i was searching again for info otherwise because i went on at least 100 sites that day i wouldnt recall where i posted these questions.. i dont wanna sound like im repeating myself and i had more questions everything i had to say is in ur question box.. k have a great day thank u again !!  

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This is for advice only. ~Most~ repairs need a professional. If I can help you with an adjustment that can set your clock back in order I will try. I can not write a chapter on clock repair. I will point you in the right direction and you will have to do your own research on how clocks work for more intense repairs. -No Watches -No Appraisals. Search ebay for past sales for that information.


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