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   Where can I get a movement.I have a mickey mouse wall clock that says LORUS QUARTZ on the front of the clock near the #9 and on the movement it says TOCHIGITOKEI CO.LTD.,NO (0)JEWELS,UNADJUSTED,PAT.PEND.JAPAN.
         Thank You

Hi John,

There are different movements for every clock.
Those numbers don't really mean anything to me.
Does it have a pendulum?
Does it play music?
Are the hands "push on" or "I" hands? and have movements for clocks. has instructions on how to measure and decide which movement you need under "helpful hints" link.

You can call anyone of these companies and they will help you with the movement you need.

You can look through my past answers for information on how to measure for a new quartz movement.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady  

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