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QUESTION: Dear sir
I have a Regula Clock #859  Model25/1-N
it's a three pendulum, cuckoo clock and has chimes and music,4 spinning dolls in a circle and a birdy that opens a door on top. MY question is.
I'm replacing a gear #170-60-306.  Dose the clocks need to be in synchronization or on timing to a specific hour...? say 12:00.? any help would be greatly appreciated.
To bad it's not a caterpillar engine.  

Kindest regards and best wishes for Holliday's
Burl Giles

ANSWER: Hi Burl,

Too bad you live in Florida. I could use help on my 6.5 diesel engine ;>).

I'm not sure which gear you are replacing. Usually the chain gears go so I'll assume you are replacing one of them.

If it is on the striking side of the clock you need to have all the gears in line so they stop and start when they are supposed to stop and start. This gear needs to have the plates come apart to install.

If the gear is on the time side you may be able to loosen up the screw holding the plates together, lift the plates a bit and slide that gear out and the new one in.

Nothing about cuckoo clocks are easy. Many clock repair persons do not attempt to repair them. Cuckoo clocks make you go cuckoo when repairing them. I've been doing this for 29 years and love repairing cuckoos. I have two in my shop that are giving me a hard time with the repairs.

You may consider just putting in a new movement. Cuckoo clocks wear out. If one gear is worn others probably are too. If the clock has been running for more than 20 years the chances are that the clock is worn out and needs a new movement.

Putting in a new movement is a PITA too but easier than disassembling and reassembling a cuckoo clock.

Regula 25 movements are about $65. You would have to just move around some parts of the old one and put them on the new one. Bird wire, bellow lifting arms, gong hammer are some of the parts to exchange.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear. Marilyn Bellotti.
Please tell me about your problem with your 6.5 diesel engine  and maybe.
I can help you out with some good information. such as model and problem
and hours of service.
Thank you for your prompt response and great information. Hope to be of help to you.

Kindest regards.
Burl Giles.

Hi Burl,

Accidentally water got in my fuel tank. I thought I got it out by draining the tank from the fuel filter and replacing the fuel filter ~many~ times.

One day I couldn't get it started. I used the starter fluid. It just doesn't start. It turns over but doesn't start.

I towed it to a service station (my bf's choice, not mine. I've learned to go with my gut not someone else's). He told me I don't have compression and had water in the engine and need a new engine. Then he told me to have it gone by the next day he doesn't want to babysit it. I sent the tow truck back to pick it up and parts of the engine were not put back together. Two glow plugs were on the dash pad and other things were not put back.

2001 Chevy express with 70,000 miles on it. I had been driving it for about a year before this happened. It did have a forward surge while sitting at a light for a long time before the water issue.

Email me at to continue this discussion if you want.


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