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Clocks, Watches/TEMPUS DīLAGAM mantle clock and i cant read the othr one i was curios what era are they from and..


Tempes d lagam
Tempes d lagam  

"Sortie du Gue "i think
"Sortie du Gue "i thin  
how do i clean them .. there filthy .. and if thats there originalcolor or i have alot of cleaning .. is there organic cleaners i can use.. i messed up my guitar and my piano cleaning them with vinegar what a mistake idont wanna mess these up .. thanks for your time.. oh and they stopped working since ive been turning t? thank uhere dials they make sound but they both dont work apparantky anymore .. what can i d to fix them thank u

Hi Vanessa,

These are beautiful clocks. The one with the statue is definitely French. It looks like marble and maybe bronze on top.

NUMBER ONE RULE:!!!**** NEVER CLEAN A DIAL******  Don't touch it. Leave it alone. You can ruin a dial by trying to clean it.

Before I even cleaned it I would take a soft paint brush to it and dust everything with that. Get the dust off first.

Then decide if you want to continue. If it's marble I would clean it with Murphy's Oil Soap and wipe it off gently with a soft cloth.

I would also clean the bronze statue with the Murphy's Oil Soap.  I would also use another soft paint brush to wash the statue down and wipe clean.

Don't forget you just want to clean it a bit. You don't want to take the age away or change the patina. This is really just a wipe down. No scrubbing. This is not about making the bronze shine as original. The clock is worth more money with this color to it. It just needs to be washed up a bit changing nothing.

Your other clock is also beautiful. The only thing I would do to that clock is to dust it off really good with a soft dry paint brush getting all the nooks and crannies. This one looks old but I'd have to see the movement to get a better feel.

Both look about late 1800's, early 1900's. Both look French but I would have to see that second clock's movement. It has 3 winding arbors so that means it is a Westminster Chime clock or chimes something every 15 minutes. If this clock is from that era it is a beautiful clock.

These clocks should not be touched by any amateurs. Whether they have or have not been running in many years they need to be completely taken apart and cleaned, oiled and any bushings or pivots it may need.

The mainsprings are always dangerous so you shouldn't take this clock apart unless you know what you are doing. They need to be taken out of the barrels and cleaned and re-greased. You need a mainspring winder to do this or the springs get conical.

This is a big job on each clock and I would put a price of about $450-600 to overhaul the statue clock. Plus parts and it needs a glass in the bezel.  

I'd have to see the other clock's movement but I would say about $600 to $800 to overhaul that clock.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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