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QUESTION: Is the fine wire supposed to be on the right or left of the pin ?

ANSWER: Hmm, I'm not 100% sure. It's been several years since I worked on one of these.
I thought it was on the correct side in the photo. It is attached to the rack on the front. As the rack gets pulled up with each strike the wire gets closer to the pin that it pushes to stop the hammer. You should be able to see it move on the odd strike.
Note: I think there is a cam that holds the lever with the wire out of the way for the even strikes (top of the hour)

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QUESTION: I noted that the rack is only being utilized the final
(or beginning depending on whether you're viewing from the front or back of it) 1/3 of the total rack. The bulk of the rack is never used.

does the rack always drop the same distance?
There is a cam on the hour hand shaft with different steps on it. As the time advances it lets the rack drop further down (until you get to 8 bells) then the high spot of that cam only lets the rack drop down to the shallow portion. be sure the rack is dropping onto that cam.  

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