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QUESTION: I just purchased a Vintage Low (with Schatz movement) Admiralty 7 jewel Ships Bell Clock, and it's got a striking issue where it strikes twice on every half and top of the hour. In other words, it always strikes twice. Apparently it was working fine before it was shipped to me. Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance !

ANSWER: Shatz changed the strike set up at least once so I'm not sure what movement you have. You will need to get inside the clock to correct the problem. The movements actually lift the hammer an even number of times but on the half hour an arm drops down and grabs the hammer before the last strike. You need to observe the hammer and find out exactly why the hammer is still hitting the bell when it should not. Usually its a simple adjustment but may require someone who knows what they are looking for and how to correct it.
If you take the movement out and post a photo of the strike assembly I should be able of offer more help.

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Low Ships Bell Clock
Low Ships Bell Clock  
QUESTION: Here's an image of the back, showing the hammer, etc. Do you need more angles ?

Thanks so much !

ANSWER: That is perfect. There is a very thin (like a hair) wire attached to the lever going upward from the bottom of the movement. On the half hour that wire should move to the right causing another lever to stop the hammer from hitting the bell on the last strike (causing an odd number of bell strikes).
You probably need to adjust that lever with the wire on it.
Observe the strike at the half hour and you will see that lever move at the end of the strike. You should be able to tell why it is not working properly and made the needed adjustment.

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QUESTION: Very good timing as we're coming up to the half hour now. Would this issue also keep it from advancing/adding bells ? As I mentioned, it always strikes twice, and only twice, never adding strikes.

You can advance the minute hand to check the strikes.
Watch the rack on the front of the movement. It sounds like it is not dropping down far enough to get the longer strikes. I think it should drop down 2 teeth at the first half and add 2 teeth for each half until it gets to 8 bells.
Please verify this and let me know what you find.  

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