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Carols of Christmas clock
Carols of Christmas cl  

Carols of Christmas clock
Carols of Christmas cl  

The movement on the Howard Miller Carols of Christmas clock (model # 645-424) I have has stopped running.  I cleaned the battery holder and put in a new battery but it doesn't run.  The carols play if I press the test button or move the hands by hand.

The movement is a Young Town Quartz 12888.  I have attached several pictures for you to see the setup.  You indicated to another submitter that there are a number of 12888's.  The hour and minute hands push on.  The shaft measures 5/16" or 8mm from the case.  Is this an item that I can purchase online? Is there a specific model number extension or code beyond the 12888.

I very much appreciate your assistance.


Hi Roger,
Young Town puts the number 12888 on just about everything they make. There are only a couple Young Town movements with the trip wires that I know of available here in the states. They both have a threaded portion at the base of the hand shaft that yours does not have. This threaded portion is 5/16" in diameter so it may not fit through the hole in your clock face. Also the hand shaft is much longer (close to 1/2").
I don't know if you will be able to use it but here is a link to it:


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