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I just got this Centurion 35 Day Clock and don't know a thing about it. It has two holes on the face with direction arrows pointing the opposite way and it came with a key - I know I'm supposed to wind it but what are each of those holes winding? It chimed once at 12pm and at 1pm, but at 2pm it chimed twice, and only once every half hour. Is that what it's supposed to do? Will it chime the amount of times, the hour is on? Like for example, at 3pm it will chime 3 times, at 4 it will chime 4, etc. It's making a nice tick tock sound though and the pendulum is swinging to the tick tock sound. So far it's keeping time fine. Thanks for your help.

The winding stem on the left is for the strike, the one on the right for the time. The problem with mis-strike at 12 should be a positioning issue with the hour snail, something a repairman could easily fix for you at minimal cost. The Centurion brand was manufactured during the 70's with a Korean movement so the movement may have quite a bit of wear at this point.

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