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QUESTION: I have a Young Town Quartz 1.5V clock #12888 and I need to remove the hands?  I have 2 clocks and need to move the clock that works to this one.  I would also like to know if a replacement movement can be ordered?

ANSWER: Hi Gary,

If the clock chimes or strikes the hour the hand removal may come into play. You will need more instructions on this.

If the clock is a time only with or without a pendulum, just put the hands on the movement that works and let it run. Replacing the battery with a fresh one always helps before any professional help is looked for is the first step and the least expensive.

If you are looking to replace a "chiming" battery movement you can contact Butterworth Clocks at
(563) 263-6759.

For Time only with or without a pendulum or

Here are the measurements you will need to order:

Hope this helps.
The Clocklady

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QUESTION: How do you get the hands off?  I cannot get them off and I am afraid to try and force them.  Is there a trick to get them off?

You can remove the hands one of two ways.
Older battery movement have a nut that holds the minute hand on. You may need to pull off the second hand if there is one. Sometimes there is just a button thing pushed in the second hand hole so you may have to pull that out if there is no second hand.

Then you unscrew the nut and remove the minute hand.
The hour hand just pulls off.

The newer battery movements have hands that just pull off. Every one of them.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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