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I have a Seth Thomas wall clock that chimes with a pendulum. It operates on 2- "C" batteries. Model number is W2215 I believe. I have replaced the batteries and it chimes just fine but neither of the hands move. Stamped in white letters on the mechanism is, "HERMLE Quartz,  2215 Germany. Is there a place somewhere in the USA that I can buy a new quartz mechanism so that the pendulum will swing, the clock will chime and the hands will both move? Thanks.-Steve Macon

Hi Steven,
Those Hermle movements have a great sound and lots of features like volume control and night time shut off. However, there is a history of problems with them. I used to sell them by the dozens but so many of them came back as defective I quit stocking them.
The word I heard is that the factory said to use Duracell Copper Top batteries because the shape of the battery made a better connection. I tested several of these and found no difference between any battery I tried. Some of them would not chime, some of them would not advance the hands. I used a volt meter and took one movement apart for inspection. When I put pressure on one side of the circuit board it would chime, when I let the board relax it would stop.
This may be more information than you need but I'm posting it here so other visitors can see it. I get a lot of inquiries about these movements.
I have been told that the new movements are better now. If you want another Hermle you might be able to get it from If you want to shop for another brand with similar features you could try  

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