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i have a emperor grandfather clock,a german made,think it gots jauch77,i got it so the clock works and holds time but my chimes dont work at all,dont see a on/off switch anywhere on this clock,does it even have one,or is that part of it just worn out dont know.
         thank you,dan

Hi Dan,
If there is a lever it will be stick out the side of the clock movement near the front. Try moving the hammers away from the chime rods to be sure there is nothing keeping them from lifting.
Check to be sure that the heaviest weight is on the right side of the clock as you face the front.
The next thing to do is lubricate the movement. Here is a link to my youtube video on oiling a clock:
If none of these tasks get the clock chiming it should be looked at by a qualified clock repair person.  

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