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Hi.  Purchased a Seth Thomas Banjo clock at auction.  (Brookfield model.)  It runs great, except that the hours strike incorrectly, that is it may strike 2x at 4:00, then at 5:00 it may strike 11x and then at 6:00 may strike 7x.  There is no pattern or rhyme or reason.  The half hours correctly chime 1x.  I opened the case & cleaned it carefully hoping that would work.  There is a housing with in the clock closed up where I think the bushings may be.  Any advise for a NOVICE?  Thanks in advance.  Laura

Hi Laura,

The only advice I can give to a novice is ~if~ there is a rhymm or reason to it. IF it is consistantly  off then you  just put the hour hand to the number it is striking. Then set the clock to the correct time.

Since you say the half hour is fine then I will presume you have a rack and snail striking set up.

Other than moving the hour hand the rack may not be falling into the snail correctly. This will require research on your part or a professional may need to be called in. It is just too much to write out.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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