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The clock is a Grandfather clock HWN
 mit garantie
This clock is working. I do not want to hurt. I do want to clean it all up also. I will have to dismantle. Can you lead me in the right direction to find the schematics on this clock also. I want to get this clock looking like new and running like new again for my wife. It has been in her family for over 65 years.

Yes, precautions need to be taken when moving any clock. I don't have any reference material on your clock so I'll give you some basic information.
Grandfather clocks should be packed and moved by professionals but I'll tell you what I can without actually seeing the clock.
The weights must be removed. Mark the bottoms of the weights with a Left, Middle and Right label or wrap them up individually and mark the outside of the package.
The chime rods must be secures or the rattling during the move may cause them to break.  
The pendulum has to be removed and carefully packed for transport.
I don't know if your clock weights are supported by chain or cable but either way it must be secured so that it does not travel up into the clock. If it is chains, you can run some baggie ties through the links at the top. If it is a cable wind clock you can use Styrofoam blocks. With the weights attached wind the weights up with a Styrofoam block at the top stopping the pulley from reaching the top. Then remove the weights.
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