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It is a bee hive and on part on the inside it says made in usa and then there is a #890 on another part.The pendulium looks like lead with a embossed man with one leg in the air.It winds up at the 4 and 8 and in the middle you can adjust for slow or fast.It chimes at half and every hour and the legs are square and a little gold in color.The back opens from the top where  you turn a little piece of wood and it drops down and then comes off.Please help to determine when it was made and what it is worth.Thanks

Clock valuation and dating are not within my expertise. My field is mostly clock parts and repair. I'll pass on a bit of information I have based on my experience.
Bee Hive clocks are among the more desirable Mantle clocks and generally bring more money than a camel back or pillar clock. In good running order I would get a little over $300 for the clock you described.
There is no exact dating on American mantle clocks because the factories made most of the models throughout a 3 decade period. Your clock was most likely made between 1900 and 1930. There is a book by Tran Du Li covering many Seth Thomas clocks and yours is probably in the book. He used advertisements with dates that the clocks were sold by Seth Thomas. If you find your clock in the book the date shown would be a date that that model was made but will not tell you when they started making them or when they stopped so it could be + or - several years.  

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