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Hi! I just got a late 1950's era 6" Chelsea Ship Bell Clock; it seems to be running fine, but the bell is only chiming the 1st hours worth of the pattern (1-2-1-2...etc) vice the 8-bell sequence (1-2-3-4...8). I only just set it up...but it displayed this pattern when I initially set the time (1-2-1-2..etc.). Is it likely to self-correct? Is it likely to be expensive to repair or perhaps if I take it for cleaning/oiling not so big a deal?

There is a rack on the back of the clock movement that drops down onto a snail. As the time progresses the indents in the snail allow the rack to drop further down for the longer strike. I'm guessing that your rack is not dropping down at all. It may correct on its own.
Many clock repair people don't work on Chelsea ships clocks. Prices for repair will vary depending on the clock repair person you find.  

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