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The clock advances way too quickly.  It makes a hissing sound and you can see the minute hand advance.

It was doing the same thing before moving it from my Mother-In-Law's home.  I understand it was having problems after distant cousins were found with the door open.  (There's a lock....)  

The Chimes work well.  I was going to blow the mechanism out and figure out proper way to oil it before trying to see if there's somebody in the Pueblo, CO area who'd love to see this work of art.


Hi Jay,

I wasn't able to find your model on line. My experience with King Arthur Clocks is those that have "tubes" hanging down the back of the clock. I'm not sure if your's has those. I mention the "tubes" because usually this is a more difficult repair. The tubes have to come out before you can see the back of the movement.

It sounds like you're problem is that the verge is not finding the correct depth in the escapement wheel. If it doesn't go in deep enough the escapement teeth will "flutter" and several teeth will pass by as the pendulum is swinging. .

Stop the clock before you wear some of the brass off the escapement wheel.

Blowing the movement out with air will not help this problem. Blowing the movement out with air will not get the dirt out of the movement either. You need a solvent to dissolve the dirt and old grease before re-oiling the movement.

This is a job for a clock professional. Either the verge is too far away or the escapement teeth have worn down so much that the verge can not catch on the teeth.

Here is a photo of the verge and escapement wheel.

You can do a search on to see who repairs GF clocks in your area. If you want you can email me with your information and I will see if I can find a clock person in your area.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady  

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