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QUESTION: I have a Junghans 1900-10 pendulum wall clock that has a coiled chime bar that screws to the back of the case, the clock itself then attaches to question is why does it appear the clock sets at a slight angle when installed. If you look directly at it, it it does not sit quite north/south...whats the reason for this? it is the original case/clock/chimes etc...

ANSWER:  does it appear the clock sets at a slight angle when installed--do you mean that the dial face is not parallel to the back of the clock when viewed from the side?

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QUESTION: The clock sits fine in the case.It is that the whole clock movement is at an angle, not straight up/down like you think it should sit. Best way to describe is this: put a screw in at 9 o'clock position, then 3 o'clock, then 6 o'clock. Now turn it all to the right a bit so the screws now sit at 9-1/2, 3-1/2, and 6-1/2. Hope this helps. I'm having the clock cleaned, bushings etc. and just wonder if the pendulum would need adjusted to compensate for this..

so you are judging this on a front visual by looking at the dial? (since you can not see the movement behind the dial)

so the dial appears to be rotated, say, clockwise a bit?

often on these clocks they have multi piece porcelain dials and the dial chapter ring with the numbers on it is actually free to rotate some.

in any case the pendulum has its' own adjustment for allignment in the verge setting so even if the movement mounting is askew, the clock will run fine with the case vertical on the wall.

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