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QUESTION: Clock runs fast & I've adjusted the nut at the bottom of pendulum as low as it will go to make it swing slower & still is fast at more than 5 minutes per day.  Is there a way to make an adjustment for this?  Also, sometimes the half hour will ring at 20 after the hour & then the hour chimes at the half hour???  It doesn't do this always; but does occasionally. Hoping it'something I can fix??? clock repair service in this vicinity.  Thanks....

ANSWER: 1) did it ever keep good time for you?

2) is the minute hand loose? what hold it on? has it been taken off a some time?

3) do gears turn and whirr when it does the one bong for the half hour or just bong?

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QUESTION: Clock did keep fairly good time when I first got it; a bit fast.  The minute hand is not loose.  It is held on with a washer & pin (not sure of correct names).  The hands and face have been taken off and the clock works have been oiled.  Gears do turn and whirr when it rings on the half hour.  My first mistake was probably buying this clock on e-Bay....but I loved the case and write up said it kept great time???  I bought another Gilbert pendulum to try on it but it "wobbles" and won't stay running??? The pendulum that came with it also wobbles at times??  I have 10 other antique clocks that keep quite good time.  Thanks for your advice and help........Cheryl

These clocks have a "count wheel " striking system. Once tripped at the 1/2 or the hour it strikes the next thing on the wheel--either the 1/2 hour or the hour and always one more strike for the hour than it did previously. So it is 100% predictable with your eyes closed what # it will strike as you run the minute hand around clockwise.
  You can move the minute hand WHILE IT IS STRIKING. So if it is doing the hour at the #6 --then while it is striking , just move the minute hand to a few minutes after the #12. This will sync the 1/2 and the hour to the right place.
   To get the hour striking the right # just move the hour hand to the # that the clock is striking (if moving it loosens the hour hand and moves it away from the dial- just push it back towards the dial with your finger nail- it is just friction fit on the tapered handshaft and nothing turns inside the movement when you move it - unlike the minute hand which is pinned or nutted to the shaft and trips things internally as it goes around.  

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