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I have this clock in my possession.It is very similar to Theresas clock but the name on it is Hamilton.I brought it home and got it ticking properly.Mine does have all the parts(3 weights) according to the diagram in the instructions that I found in the bottom of the clock.Minus the red monkey wrench.I took the hands off to get at the front of the movement.My questions are;How do I determine where to put the hands in relationship to the other words,do I have to wait until I hear the left side chimes to set the hour?There are no instructions for this procedure.The info on the movement is as follows.
I did look these movements up on the net and learned a couple things.
I came to realize that the 451-050 is a model# of the movement
85cm would be the length of the chains
I don't know the significance of the #73 or the 70.77

Hi Jim,

I'm glad you sent a photo and did some research on your own.

To determine where to put the hands you need to let the clock tell you where to put them. the heaviest weight on the right? This is the quarter hour chime. It needs the heaviest weight. The second heaviest is in the center (time train) and the lightest is on the left (hour strike train).

Yes, the striking of the hour is important for two reasons. It will tell you what hour to put the hour hand at. And there is a self setting feature that only sets itself on the hour or 4th quarter chime (number 12).  

Put the minute hand anywhere and just let the clock chime. Go around at stop at each quarter hour chime. When it gets to the hour chime and strike put the minute hand at the number 12 since this is where the hand needs to point when it strikes the hour.

Before tightening the hand up yet go around again, stopping at every quarter chime to see if we got it right the first time. See if the the clocks strikes again when the minute hand comes to the 12 again. If it does then all is well. If not find where the clock strike the hour. The self correcting feature allow the clock to miss a few quarter hour chimes until it finds the hour chime. Then it allows the clock to chime the 4th quarter and strike the hour. That is where the minute is at the 12.

Now you can put the hour hand on the correct number the clock struck. Put the minute hand on the 12 and tighten the hand nut.

Go around one more time just to see if it is still good. While checking this go REALLY SLOW when you get about 2 minutes before it chimes the quarter. You want to tighten the hands so that it chimes EXACTLY at the 15 minute marks; exactly on the numbers, 3,6, 9 and 12. This takes time.

When you are done set the clock to the correct time. The clock is all set up to strike and chime correctly once you have set it up correctly in the first place.

If you don't want to go around one chime at a time, just set the clock and let the self correcting feature work. It may take up to 2 hours for the clock to adjust itself but it does.

Many of the clocks made with in the last 40 years have the ability to go backwards. You clock does to. The owners manual will tell you this.

73 is the year the clock movement was made. It looks like the case and clock are right for each other. Both of the same time period.

451-050 is the movement number. If you ever want to replace the movement you need to order this movement with the 85cm length.

85cm is the pendulum length.

I don't know what the 70.77 means... sorry, I guess it means nothing to me.

Now that I helped you....hopefully..... maybe you can help me.

I've been looking for the diagram and photo of "setting a clock in beat" in your owners manual. You have a clock that needs to be set in beat manually. The newer ones have self setting escapements. I can't find a photo or copy of any older manuals like yours. If you can take a photo of that page and send it to I would be grateful.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady  

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