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I obtained a Jlaid Mantle clock.  Everything seems fine. However when I wind it up, it runs for a short time and then just stops.
I looked in the back and notice a small wheel turning; however after a short time it just stops.

What might be the problem?

Hi Wally,

Since you have to "wind up" the clock it may need a cleaning\oiling. You say it has a "wheel" in the back so I am going to assume it is a floating balance or balance wheel rather than a pendulum. If that is the case it may need a cleaning.

If it has a pendulum it may be "out of beat." You'll have to look up how to set a clock in beat on the internet.

Clocks can run for so long that they wear out. Depending on how old the clock is, this may be the case. In that case a new movement will be needed.

Many times a clock repair shop will give  free estimate if you bring it to their shop. It can't hurt to get one...

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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