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We just purchased this Beacon Tempus Fugit 31 Day Wall Clock and does not tell time...could you provide options on how to get this clock to work?  I have done some research on this clock but haven't been able to find any information on this particular type of clock?  Also could you tell me how much this clock could be worth?

Hi Laura,

I can't tell you how much the clock is worth. I don't do appraisals on clocks over the internet. I don't know what the clock looks like.

I also do not know how old the clock you purchased is.

Stupid question but one I've found that I've fallen victim to. Is your clock wound up most of the way? A 31 day clock requires many windings of the mainsprings.

If it is a new clock you should be able to hang it on the wall, give the pendulum a good push and it should go...
The clock needs to be level on the wall from left to right.
You also need to see if the clock is level from the front to back as well. Sometimes the way the clock is hanging the pendulum hits on the case or something else that would cause the clock to stop.

If you purchased a used clock there could be a few other problems. There could be a dirt problem and lack of oil that could be gumming up the gears so the clock can not move freely.
There could also be a "wear" problem where the pivot holes are worn out and the clock needs to be overhauled.
I personally do not overhaul 31 day movements because the springs are so powerful that when I put them back together many pivots bend.

If you can't get the clock to go you may need to bring it to a local clock shop to see what the problem is.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady

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