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Hi Marilyn, I rescued a Jauch P.L. 96 Grandfather Clock recently and completed the case restoration and am beginning the movement. The leader is missing. I measured the pendulum end to end and got 31.75 inches. I added an inch for the pin through bottom suspension spring and got 31.75 inches. I multiplied that by 2.54 and got 80.65cm. I subtracted that from 96 cm and got 15.36cm for a leader length. I'm figuring that at some time the pendulum got changed out or I'm doing something wrong. Can you put me on the right track please? Thank you!

Rich Doherty

Hi Rich,

I'm not sure if the pendulum length is right or not. I have a Jauch P.L 78cm and the pendulum is exactly the same as mine. I've seen the correct length for a 96cm pendulum the same length as yours too.

However here is a photo of my pendulum leader....I found it on line.
This leader may be shorter than the one required for your clock. This leader accommodates a pendulum with a wide opening on the top of the pendulum where it hangs on the leader. My leader is 12cm in length.

Here are a few other examples of pendulum leaders. You can see that they are of different lengths.
This leader needs a pendulum top that looks like this:
You can also see that the crutch that fits into the leader would be a lot lower than the one I have.

Here are other examples of Jauch pendulum leaders:
You can see that the crutch for this movement is different for this leader as well.
This is the pendulum for this leader.

Can you send me a photo of the back of the movement? That would help me help you a bit better.

Here is the website I found these photos on. Browse around to see if there are photos that can help you identify your movement and crutch for your movement.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady.

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