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I am trying to reassemble my dads Weursch grandfather clock in its new home.  The pull chains were pulled down when the clock was packed to be moved, and we can feel the places where the wights need to be attached way up inside the clock, but are unable to pull them down.  we are hesitant to yank on them too hard.
Additionally, how important is it tht the clock (which is currently sitting on a carpet) sits up straight?  Finally, is there a way to set the clock so it will run, but not chime?

If the chain hooks are so far up in the case that you can't attach the weights you most likely need to get a professional clock repair person to come out and lower them. The releases for the chains are on the gears the chains go around and unless you know where they are and how to operate them you won't be able to get the chains to move.
You are wise in not tugging on them too hard, they are only intended to go in one direction.
This is not always an easy repair for even an experienced clocksmith. Sometimes the movement has to be removed, sometimes the chains have to be removed and put back on.
Regarding the level: A clock can be adjusted to run even if it is not plum. In fact, it may have gotten knocked out of adjustment in the move and need to be put "back in beat".  

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