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I bought a new movement for a wall clock-(the old one had worn pinions/bushings). I have lowered the pendulum as low as possible and it is still running too fast-1hr a day. I think I should have bought a movement with a shorter pendulum because the only way I could get it too slow down is to add lots of weight. I am told this is not good for the clock. Any suggestions.


Hi George,

I'm not sure what kind of movement you bought for what type of clock.
If it is a Westminster chime clock from Hermle there is a pendulum length at the lower right hand corner of the back of the movement. This is given is cm. You may have ordered the wrong one.

In any case....there are a few ways to slow down a clock.

Pendulum length is important. The lower/longer the pendulum the slower it goes. This is because it takes more time to go back and forth. Shorter pendulums allow the escape wheel to move faster.

You can make the pendulum a little longer by putting in a longer suspension spring. This will lower the pendulum a bit.

Another way to make a clock go slower is to put in a thinner suspension spring. The thinner spring allows the pendulum to swing wider. This wider swing slows down the escapement wheel teeth from escaping from the verge. It take more time therefore the clock runs slower.

So if you can find a longer pendulum and a longer, thinner suspension spring your problem may be solved. The pendulum may also wobble a little bit if they are too long and too thin.

If you can, contact where you purchased the movement and see if you can return it for one that has a longer pendulum length.

Hope this helps,
The Clocklady  

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